Dismissing work of Sanders not helpful in unifying Democrats (Letters)

The conclusion of the Republican‘s editorial of Friday April 10, “Sanders bows out with work still ahead,” “ Sanders needs to understand -and to convince his backers-that Biden, fueled by his old-school message and vision won the day”, could not be more misplaced.

The Republican’s unsolicited advice to Senator Sanders came in the form of it’s rebuttal to something that Senator said to his supporters, to wit: “Few would deny that over the course of the past five years, our movement has won the ideological struggle.”

If the Republican’s true goal is promoting Democratic unity in November their “advice“ badly ill-serves such a cause.

Beating Senator Sanders legion of mostly (but not exclusively) young enthusiastic supporters over the head by characterizing Biden’s victory as the political triumph of the failed neoliberal economic policies ( e.g.”old school message”) as practiced by both of the major parties for the last four decades won’t help. It is far more likely to alienate than to engage them in the campaign going forward.

Those policies have produced the greatest economic inequality in America since the Great Depression and fostered a generation of young Americans with less hope for the future than at anytime in the memory of anyone alive today.

Sanders’ remark about “winning the ideological struggle” was a recognition that although centrist neoliberal / corporate Democrats largely retain control of the party apparatus, it is no longer your grandfathers (or even your fathers) Democratic Party. Dismissing the voices of those future shapers of a renewed social compact, as the Republican’s editorial board seems to be suggesting, would to the Democrats peril.

Ed Collins, Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Member, 1st Hampden-Hampshire District.

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