Political Notebook: City manager to employee parking complaints: ‘Cheese with that whine’ | Local news

But Sen. Martha McSally, who hosted the call for almost 16,000 participants, immediately muddied that message, noting that there has been “anecdotal evidence” from “other providers” who say the drug is beneficial to people with mild or moderate coronavirus symptoms.

At the end of the town hall, McSally asked if Nikolich-Zugich had any parting advice for listeners.

“Listen to what your public health officials are saying and what the administration is saying,” he said.

The doctor didn’t say what people should do when those two groups give conflicting advice.

House prints billion-dollar bill for Pima County

More than $1 billion in federal money could flow to Pima County and its cities in the next two years under the latest – and largest – coronavirus relief bill approved by the House of Representatives late last week.

But the so-called “Heroes Act” faces stiff opposition in the Senate, where Republican leaders are dismissing it as a bloated, liberal-policy wish list. President Trump has already threatened to veto the House version of the more than $3 trillion bill.

If passed, however, the largest economic relief package in U.S. history could send more than $562 million to Pima County and almost $402 million to the city of Tucson by 2021, according to estimates released by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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