With 36 candidates for governor, it’s a long primary ballot

EVERETT — Voters are going to have a lot of choices to make on the Aug. 4 primary ballot. For governor alone, there are 36 people in the running.

Below are the names of approved candidates for county, state, federal and judicial offices that will appear on ballots in Snohomish County. The top two finishers in each contest will advance to the Nov. 3 general election.

Information on these candidates, and those running in other counties, can be found online at

Snohomish County Public Utility District Commissioner

Sidney (Sid) Logan

Charles Cheshvan Sias

Rob Toyer

Bruce King

Snohomish County Council – District 4

Jared Mead, Democratic

Amber King, Democratic

Delia O’Malley, Independent

Brenda Carrington, Republican

1st Legislative District – Senate

Art Coday, Republican

Derek Stanford, Democratic

House Position 1

Adam Bartholomew, Republican

Davina Duerr, Democratic

House Position 2

Jeb Brewer, Republican

Gary Morgan, GOP

Shelley Kloba, Democratic

10th Legislative District – Senate

Ron Muzzall, Republican

Helen Price Johnson, Democratic

House Position 1

Ivan Lewis, Democratic

Angie Homola, Democratic

Greg Gilday, GOP

Scott McMullen, Democratic

Suzanne Woodard, Democratic

House Position 2

Taylor Zimmerman, Progressive

Dave Paul, Democratic

Bill Bruch, Republican

21st Legislative District – House Position 1

Strom Peterson, Democratic

Gant Diede, Democratic

Brian Thompson, Republican

House Position 2

Lillian Ortiz-Self, Democratic

Willie Russell, No Party Preference

Amy Schaper, Republican

32nd Legislatiive District – House Position 1

Shirley Sutton, Democratic

Keith Smith, Democratic

Cindy Ryu, Democratic

House Position 2

Gray Petersen, Democratic

Tamra Smilanich, Non Partisan

Lauren Davis, Democratic

38th Legislative District – Senate, unexpired term

Kelly M. Fox, Democratic

June Robinson, Democratic

Bernard Moody, Republican

House Position 1

Emily Wicks, Democratic

Lacey Sauvageau, Democrat

Bert Johnson, Republican

Jorge Garrido, Libertarian

House Position 2

Mike Sells, Democratic

David Wiley, Libertarian

39th Legislative District – Senate

Kathryn Lewandowsky, WA Progressive

Keith Wagoner, Republican

House Position 1

Robert Sutherland, Republican

Claus Joens, Democratic

House Position 2

Sandy Mesenbrink, Republican

Ryan Johnson, Democratic

Carolyn Eslick, Republican

44th Legislative District – House Position 1

John Lovick, Democratic

John Kartak, Republican

House Position 2

Mark James, Republican

April Berg, Democratic

Anne Anderson, Democratic

U.S. Representative District 1

Suzan DelBene, Democratic

Steven Skelton, Libertarian

Robert Dean Mair, No Party Preference

Matthew Heines, No Party Preference

Justin Smoak, No Party Preference

Derek Chartrand, GOP

Jeffrey Beeler, Sr., Republican

U.S. Representative District 2

Timothy Hazelo, Republican

Tim Uy, Trump Republican

Kari Ilonummi, Republican

Rick Larsen, Democratic

James Dean Golder, Republican

Carrie Kennedy, Republican

Cody Hart, Republican

Jason Call, Democratic

U.S. Representative District 7

Scott Sutherland, Republican

Jack Hughes-Hagerman, Democratic

Pramila Jayapal, Democratic

Rick Lewis, Independent

Craig Keller, Republican


Alex Tsimerman, Stand Up America

Phil Fortunato, Republican

Ryan Ryals, Unaffiliated

Leon Aaron Lawson, Trump Republican

Henry Clay Dennison, Socialist Workers

Tim Eyman, Republican

Liz Hallock, Green

Goodspaceguy, Trump Republican

Omari Tahir Garrett, Democrat

Don RIvers, Democratic

Martin ‘Iceman’ Wheeler, Republican

Raul Garcia, Republican

Tyler Grow, Republican

Winston Wilkes, Propertarianist

Brian Weed, No Party Preference

Thor Amundson, Independent

Gene Hart, Democratic

William (Bill) Miller, American Patriot

Matthew Murray, Republican

Dylan Nails, Independent

Cameron Vessey, No Party Preference

David Blomstrom, Fifth Republic

Antoin Sakharov, Trump Republican

Craig Campbell, No Party Preference

Nate Herzog, Pre2016 Republican

Cregan Newhouse, No Party Preference

Ian Gonzales, Republican

Cairo D’Almeida, Democratic

Elaine Gonzales, Independent

Jay Inslee, Democratic

Joshua Freed, Republican

David Voltz, Cascadia Labour

Joshua Wolf, New-Liberty

Loren Culp, Republican

Richard Carpenter, Republican

Bill Hirt, Republican

Lieutenant Governor

Joseph Brumbles, Republican

Jared Frerichs, Libertarian

Ann Davison Sattler, Republican

James Rafferty, Democratic

Marko Liias, Democratic

Matt Seymour, Libertarian

Michelle Jasmer, Democratic

Bill Penor, Republican

Richard (Dick) Muri, Republican

Denny Heck, Democratic

Marty McClendon, Republican

Secretary of State

Ed Minger, Independent

Gentry Lange, Progressive

Kim Wyman, Republican

Gael Tarleton, Democratic

State Treasurer

Duane Davidson, Republican

Mike Pellicciotti, Democratic

State Auditor

Joshua Casey, Democratic

Chris Leyba, Republican

Pat (Patrice) McCarthy, Democratic

Attorney General

Matt Larkin, Republican

Mike Vaska, GOP

Brett Rogers, Republican,

Bob Ferguson, Democratic

Commissioner of Public Lands

Cameron Whitney, Republican

Steve Sharon, Republican

Hilary Franz, Democratic

Kelsey Reyes, Libertarian

Maryam Abasbarzy, Republican

Sue Kuehl Pederson, Republican

Frank Wallbrown, Democratic

Insurance Commissioner

Anthony Welti, Libertarian

Chirayu Avinash Patel, Republican

Mike Kreidler, Democratic

Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non Partisan)

Ron Higgins

Maia Espinoza

Stan Lippmann

David Spring

Dennis Wick

Chris Reykdal

Washington Supreme Court Position 3

Raquel Montoya-Lewis

Dave Larson

Position 4

Charles Johnson

Position 6

Richard Serns

G. Helen Whitener

Position 7

Debra Stephens

Court of Appeals, Division 1, District 2

Linda Coburn

Snohomish County Superior Court Position 1

Marybeth Dingledy

Position 2

Joe Wilson

Position 3

Cindy Larsen

Position 4

Edirin Okoloko

Position 5

Richard Okrent

Position 6

George Appel

Position 7

Anna Alexander

Position 8

Robert Grant

Cassandra Lopez Shaw

Position 9

Dave Kurtz

Position 10

Janice Ellis

Position 11

Millie Judge

Position 12

Anita Farris

Position 13

Jennifer Langbehn

Position 14

Paul William Thompson

Position 15

Bruce Weiss

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